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In cases where a lower or trial court has already made its decision, finding the right attorneys to frame new arguments and pinpoint issues for further review can make the critical difference. Walsh’s appellate attorneys have experience strategizing new approaches to complex matters, both when the firm has represented the client below or when diving into a case initially in the appellate stage. Walsh attorneys have successfully argued seminal cases on such diverse topics as the Third Circuit’s rules on exclusionary contracting under federal antitrust law, various issues under New York commercial law, First Amendment religious liberty at colleges and universities, the equalization of foreign judgments to account for currency fluctuations, New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law, and the scope of litigation privilege. In an appeal before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Walsh appellate lawyers recently preserved the defeat of a $12 million claim arising out of an international construction project.  The firm’s attorneys are admitted to practice before an array of federal and state appellate courts.

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